Carbon Steel Multi-Bag

Cover Features Reliable Swing Eye Bolt or Segment Clamp Closure Mechanism
Available in Type 304 stainless steel, Type 316 stainless steel or carbon steel with standard Buna N o-rings, VitonĀ® o-rings are an available as an option.
A counter balanced spring assisted cover lifting mechanism balances the cover perfectly giving it a "weightless" feel. Opening and closing the cover is "finger tip" easy.
Side inlet and bottom outlet provides easy and complete drainage. A tangential outlet option is available to reduce the height of the housing making filter bag change-out easier.
Unique 3-point hold down ensures a high-quality seal between each filter bag and the housing body. A supplied special tool ensures, simple effective operation.
Housing volume is optimized to minimize product loss.
2 inch to 24 inch inner outlet collection